Musicians that play on the album:

Kirsten Allstaff (Flute) John Joe Kelly (Bodhrán), Eoin O’Neill (Bouzouki), Mhairi Hall (Piano), Jean Damei (Guitar), Jon O’Connell (Double Bass), Tony Trundle (Percussion), Adam Shapiro (Fiddle)


The Gallowglass were a group of Scottish warriors who settled in Ireland during the 13th - 16th centuries.

They were hired by Irish chieftains to fight on their behalf against opposing clans.  They soon infiltrated into Irish society and in time there came to be many native Irish Gallowglass who possessed the fine infantry skills of the original Scottish warriors.  As Scots, they were Gaels who shared a common language and culture with the Irish;  the Irish called them ‘Gall Gaeil’ (foreign Gaels).   As a Scot living in Ireland this title resonates with me;  it  also happens to be the name of my favourite Jig!  This album is a celebration of the musical links between my old and new homelands of Scotland and Ireland.


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